Wireless Neo Geo CD-Style USB Controller from 8Bitdo

8bitdo have just opened pre-orders on what they claim is a “perfect recreation” of the Neo Geo CD controller.  It has Bluetooth built-in, plus it also comes with a 2.4GHz RF wireless dongle and can also be connected via wired USB.  They’re claiming compatibility with Android, Windows and the Neo Geo Mini, however I imagine all USB or Bluetooth devices should work.  It comes in standard black for $25 and you have a choice of four limited-edition KoF-themed controllers for $40 (select which you’d like on the page).  More thoughts after the link:

Purchase Here:

According to their (always-impressive) marketing, 8Bitdo has spent years working on the controller, aiming for as perfect of a re-creation of the original, including the clicky joystick.  Their site says:

8BitDo redesigned and manufactured the no-longer produced classic click-style joystick. All important details have been captured and remade: the clicky feel, sound, and feeling of the original.

This thing honestly looks great, with only one complaint:  As usual, there’s no lag test results posted.  That means we need to buy it and test it ourselves to get any sense of how it can be used.  Let’s hope they put a bit of time into the latency, as this really looks like a potentially amazing controller.

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