Display RGB

How to get an RGB signal from your console to your display

There are a few ways to display your classic games in RGB, but I strongly recommend every retro-gamer gets a CRT display, even if they also use another solution – While some scalers do an excellent job, there’s just no exact substitution to using a CRT TV or monitor.


RGB Monitors
An actual monitor that displays the RGB signal in it’s native form.


Converts the RGB signal to a different format, without changing the resolution.


Change the signal of the game system to match the resolution of an HDTV – Perfect for someone who wants to play their old systems, but doesn’t have room for a RGB monitor.

Emulators / Virtual Console
A solution if you want to use newer consoles to play older games.

Advanced user tip: Once your solution is set, you may want to calibrate it, so you’re games will look as good as possible. Artemio has a calibration suite that’s great for calibrating your TV right from your console:

No matter which of the above choices you choose, you’ll need special equipment to go from your systems to your monitor or upscaler. After you’re finished reading the above sections, please head to the next part of the RGB Guide to see which cables, adapters and switches you’ll need to connect your system into your RGB video display.