Support Us is currently funded by the retro gaming community, through services like Patreon and affiliate links like Amazon.  Up until recently, the only ads on the site were toolbar links on the right of some pages and in-line ads for tested, proven items embedded in a relevant post (both were mostly helpful, not intrusive).  Unfortunately, we needed to enable Google ads, which – to be blunt – sucks.  If we can generate enough income to keep the site going, we’ll disable them, so please consider supporting in any way!

Monthly support platforms:  If you like what we do and want to help fund the site, we’re currently signed up for a few monthly support services and will gladly add more if requested.  All subscriptions allow access to the weekly Q&A’s and the minimum is just $1.  Generally speaking, both services are practically the same, however Floatplane provides slightly higher quality 4K video, if that’s important to you:




“Tipping” Platforms:  We totally understand if you’re not in a position to support monthly, or if you feel you just don’t use the resources enough to justify the expense.  If you’d still like to send a thank you, feel free to send us a “tip” through PayPal or Ko-fi:




Affiliate Links:  Even if you’d rather not send us anything directly, maybe consider using our Amazon and eBay links to purchase regular items?  Simply click the links below and buy whatever you’d normally purchase with no markup, but a tiny portion of the sale gets credited to us.

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RetroRGB Merch:  At the moment, there’s t-shirts and magnets, but I hope to some day add more!!!

Any help is appreciated and will work towards our goal of removing the annoying Google ads from inside each page.  Thank you for your understanding and support!