RetroTINK Mini, 2x, 5x

The RetroTINK2x line of products are zero lag, 480p HDMI linedoublers for retro game consoles!  They’re all great choices for people starting out in retro gaming, or for people just looking for a “no fuss” solution.  Here’s the different models available and please scroll down for more info:

RetroTINK 2x Mini The perfect entry-level scaler;  It only supports composite and S-Video inputs, but it’s inexpensive and simple to use:

RetroTINK 5x Pro This next-generation scaler is the best to ever be released!  It offers composite, S-Video, component and SCART inputs and scales everything from 240p – 720p, up to 1440p.  This device is also constantly getting updates and while the launch video I posted below is still a good introduction, please go through the site to see all the latest updates and features…especially the big 2.0 update:  US Seller:  CE Seller:

RetroTINK 2x Pro – An updated version of the original 2x with more features, including scanlines!

RetroTINK 2x SCART – A simple RGB SCART linedoubler that outputs 480p HDMI:


RetroTINK 2x Multiformat – Discontinued.  This was a unique device with some cool use cases, but overall the RetroTINK 5x is a better choice.

Original RetroTINK2x – Discontinued, replaced by the Mini.  If you find any listed as new, it’s most likely a cheap, low-quality clone.  Don’t waste your money on that!
Also, if you already own an original RetroTINK 2x “Classic”, you might want to upgrade your case to an awesome 3D printed one:


Firmware Updates:

RetroTINK products always evolve after their release and if you’d like the newest features, you’ll need to keep the firmware up-to-date. I have videos and guides to show the update process on multiple OS’s:
Windows Firmware Update:
Mac / Linux Firmware Update:
Discord Server (check experimental channel for latest firmware):

Video Product Launches / Reviews

Here’s some reviews of the RetroTINK products – Even if you’re planning on getting a 5x, I suggest starting with the RetroTINK Mini video, as it gives a good explanation as to why you need a scaler at all to play classic consoles on modern TV’s.

Also, while the RT5x launch video is a bit outdated, Mike and I did a follow-up livestream that walks through almost all of the features that have been added since release.

Lag Testing

As a note, every RetroTINK is a zero (or near zero) lag device, which I’ve proven using multiple measurement methods across different devices.  If you’d like detailed information and examples please check out the following link…but if you just want quick visual proof, check out the photo below: