MiSTer FGPA News – Nintendo 64, Sega Pico, NARC & More


Sad news for the NARC core. It looks like there isn’t enough bandwith to cover everything in the core, so Pramod has to use dual SDRAM.

Pramod said that he will TRY to work around the bandwidth limitations, but warns us that it might not work.


FPGA’s as Replacement Chips

Benj Edwards on twitter recently posted about an FPGA based-pin compatible 6502 replacement, that can run up to 100MHz. The developer has no current plans to make this into a commercial project but does provide documentation on building your own. However there are supply issues with the FPGA chip.


Nintendo 64

Great news for the Nintendo 64 core. Robert, the developer, finished the FPU implementation much faster than expected. Also the resource cost on the FPGA is less than than expected.


Sega Pico

It’s been a while since the last update on the Sega Pico core. Shane Lynch looked at where the project was left off last year and says that the ADPCM audio is really close.


Sega System 16 Core

Jotego released a maintenace update for the System 16 core, fixing a lot of issues in many games. There is also support for Mike Simone’s Y/C video output.


MiSTer FPGA Discord Game Challenge

The next game in the Mr. FPGA discord game challenge is the original Donkey Kong arcade game. This is a single credit score challenge and goes until July 21st.



atrac17 announced ta beta release of Phantasm, aka Avenging Spirit, for the Jaleco Mega System 1 core written by Darren__O. There is also an update to Prehistoric Isle with some bug fixes.