iOS / Android Gaming

iOS / Android Gaming

This page is dedicated to retro-gaming (both hardware and software) on iOS and Android.   

There are many ways to play classic games on iOS and Android systems.  As described in the emulator section, many retro games are now available for purchase in the different app stores.  I included this page, just to reference the other ways you can play classic games on iOS & Android, as well as show some great hardware that can be used with it.


Arcade (MAME) Emulators:
Android users can download MAME4Droid from the Google Play store, without any jailbreaking hassle It’s comptible with both iCade and regular bluetooth controllers. There is also a  “reloaded” version for Android that may work better with your system. iOS jailbreak users can download iMame4All from Cydia and will need a file manger program like iFunBox to copy roms.  Both require roms that are compatible with Mame 0.37b5.

Console Emulators:
All the emulators I use are the “.emu” emulators from
 Robert Broglia, aka rakashazi, aka explusalpha. They are available both in the Cydia store (for jailbroken iOS devices) and the Google Play store (in the Play store, make sure to select the ones from Robert Broglia, not the similar-looking other ones!). Only the SNES emulator is free, but they all work well.  Also, there are many video filters and even a scanline filter, so you can make those old games look more like they did when you played them on tube TV’s.  He currently has emulators for the following systems:

Atari 2600

Genesis / SMS / SCD


Commodore 64


Turbo Graphix-16 (PC Engine)

Game Boy Advance

Neo Geo

Saturn (this is free, but buggy)

Game Boy Color

Neo Geo Pocket

Super Nintendo – Free

iOS non-Jailbreak emulators:
Developers have found a way to install emulators on iOS devices without jailbreaking. Here are two sites with great information:


Many Android games are compatible with bluetooh controllers and some iOS games are compatible with “iCade” controllers.  Please click the links below for more information:

Bluetooth Controllers


iCade Controllers



Modern iOS / Android games:

If you’re interested in more modern mobile games, I suggest checking out TheGameHuntah’s YouTube channel, as he’s up to date on all the best mobile games:


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