Philips CD-i Replacement Thumbstick Caps

Has your CDi’s thumbstick gone floppy?  Maybe it’s frayed or cracking from the thirty-plus years it’s been dominating your living room as the ultimate multimedia entertainment machine?  Well, no more loosing sleep over how you’ll repair it, now you can get a replacement for only $5 plus shipping!  It’s available in black to match the original, or a ‘limited edition’ blue if you’re the type of person who wants everyone that enters your living room to see your stick:

Purchase Here:

Since I started RetroRGB, I’ve had owned five different CDi consoles and borrowed countless others.  And each came with a remote.  And NOT ONE ever worked.


To the point that I started assuming I must be missing an IR receiver or something.  But apparently, all you need to do is aim it at the console like every other IR remote.  Maybe someday I’ll experience the joys of operating the Philips Compact Disc Interactive Multimedia Unit with its original remote, but for now I’ll just live vicariously though all the stories I’ll be reading about how much better people’s stick feels after this upgrade…

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