SNES30 Bluetooth / USB Controller

The SNES30 controller by 8BITDO is a versatile controller that works well with many systems, including the Retron 5.  It’s functionally the same as the NES30 controller, so this short review will concentrate more on look & feel.  For more details on the bluetooth features and compatibility, please check out the NES30 review.

Before using the SNES30, I recommend updating to the latest firmware:

Much like the NES30, the SNES30’s box resembles the Super Nintendo console itself:


The controller is extremely similar in size, shape and color to the original Super Nintendo controller.  Even the weight is similar:  The original SNES controller is 2.6oz and the SNES30 is 3.2oz:


The controller is slightly thicker then the original, but it isn’t very noticeable.


Also, the controller is a bit heavier and I assume it’s due to the battery required in the SNES30 vs. the original.


I tested each mode and found that it operated exactly like the NES30 and the only difference was looks.  For more details on the testing and functionality please see the NES30 page.  Since they perform identically, I felt it best to leave all the feature reviews on the NES30 page, so all updates and features are in the same place.


Another great feature of the SNES 30 is 8BITDO offers a clip called the Xtander that allows you to secure the controller to a phone or iPod touch.  It works well and feels very secure:


Overall, I highly recommend both controllers and think most people will be pleased with their performance.


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