N64 RGB Cable / csync

Nintendo 64 RGB SCART Cables
(and sync information)

Generally speaking, figuring out which N64 RGB cable to use can get complicated, so I wanted a page that simplifies things as best as possible.  This cables shown on this page will work with either the basic or advanced RGB mods.  Also, N64’s use the exact same cables as the SNES, so the links will be the same for your region.

Universal Cables:

Universal RGB SCART Cable for both PAL & NTSC (UK Seller, works on all regions, for RGB-modded consoles only!)

RAD2x HDMI Cable (480p):  Works on all N64’s:  Unmodded consoles will work in composite-to-HDMI modes and modded consoles will work in RGB-to-HDMI modes!

HD Retrovision Component Video Cable – A high quality component video solution that’s RGB-quality and safe to use on both PAL and NTSC N64’s that have been RGB-modded.  These are the same as the SNES cables and are compatible with both.



At the moment, all “modern” N64 RGB mods output proper csync.  I strongly recommend making sure your console is modded properly and the below cables will definitely work for you.  If not, or if you’re unsure, you can try “sync-on-luma” cables, or “sync on composite” with highly shielded cables.  Here’s what I recommend:

Super Nintendo SNES RGB SCART cable (NTSC) (UK Seller)

Super Nintendo SNES RGB SCART cable (NTSC)  (US Seller #1)

Super Nintendo SNES RGB SCART cable (NTSC)  (US Seller #2)


PAL N64 RGB SCART Cable (Do not use an NTSC SCART cable on a PAL console)

If you’d like to avoid any potential issues and get a cable that’s guaranteed to work, I strongly recommend getting a fully-shielded cable that gets sync from composite video (cvbs);  This will guarantee compatibility with all RGB-modded PAL N64’s and the full shielding will eliminate interference normally caused by cvbs.

Super Nintendo SNES RGB SCART cable (PAL)  (UK Seller)

Super Nintendo SNES RGB SCART cable (PAL)  (US Seller)

Once again, please make sure to never use use an NTSC cable in a PAL system!!!


S-Video / Cables:

All NTSC N64’s output S-Video without a modification, all that’s needed is a good cable:

Retro Gaming Cables NTSC S-Video Cable

Retro-Access NTSC Coax S-Video Cable

Insurrection Industries NTSC S-Video Cable

Some PAL N64’s only require a cable, however others may require a mod to enable S-Video.

Consoles4You PAL S-Video Cable

Also, some versions of the N64 output better Composite and S-Video than others.  This doesn’t effect RGB, but if you’re using S-Video, you might be interested in reading about it:  http://s9.zetaboards.com/Nintendo_64_Forever/topic/7363768/1/



Getting csync directly from the N64 (this gets complicated, I really suggest just using the cables above):

Basic RGB Mods:
I’ve you’ve installed a “basic” RGB mod that only connects three wires (RGB) and you have motherboard revisions NUS-CPU-01 or NUS-CPU-02 (and some -03’s), they might actually have csync (but not RGB) already connected to pin 3 (csync) on the multi-out (not PAL!). If you have one of those board revisions, you’ll most likely be able to just purchase a NTSC SNES RGB cable that gets sync from the csync pin without doing anything else. For later revision N64 boards, check the RGB mod relevant to your consoles for more information.

Here’s more information on which serial numbers have each motherboard revision: http://forums.modretro.com/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=1417


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