HD15-2-SCART Back In Stock

CastleMania Games has just received stock of the HD15-2-SCART adapter.  This device has two modes:  The RGBs mode is designed to prevent higher voltage sync from dsub connectors for passing through to SCART devices.  This mode is perfect for things like MiSTer I/O and Direct Video, or Analogue DAC to SCART.  The second mode uses an XNOR passive sync combiner to convert RGBHV signals to RGBs – Perfect for feeding a “VGA” signal like the Dreamcast’s into something like a RetroTINK 5x.  Order yours from the link below, with tons more info and an introduction video below:

Order yours here:

Think of the HD15-2-SCART as both a sync combiner and connector adapter:  It routes the RGB signal from an HD-15 (VGA-style) connector and a 3.5mm audio jack to a SCART head, with a choice of sync passthrough or combining.  The RGB signals are completely untouched, therefore no lag could possibly be added.  Check the video below for more explanation and use cases.  Also, here’s some more relevant links you might be interested in:

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