Lag Test Results

Lag, or more specifically, latency introduced by modern displays is a serious problem for all gamers, not just classic gamers.  Finding low-latency flat screen displays has been frustrating and inconsistent, due to multiple model revisions and poor marketing.  This page is aiming to archive solid lag data, by gamers, for gamers.

Everyone is encouraged to post their test results here, so we can all learn and benefit from our research!  We’ll currently accept results from the Time Sleuth, Leo Bodnar and OSSC Lag Mod devices.  Unfortunately, there are too many variables for high-speed camera + dual output (CRT & flat) to ensure the level of accuracy this information is looking to archive.  More info on the Time Sleuth below.

Also, at the moment, it’s just an embedded Google Spreadsheet, however we’ll soon import these results into a web form.

Time Sleuth

The Time Sleuth is the device we encourage you to use, as it was designed specifically for gamers.  One of it’s most important features is the ability to test lag across many different resolutions, which is extremely helpful for classic gamers.  It was created by the same team that brought us the DCHDMI, Christof and Dan and can be pre-ordered directly from Dan, as well as through a few other resellers:  (coming soon)



The latest Time Sleuth firmware can be found on Christof’s Github page:


One feature I hope to add to the final page here, is a “verified” button, so if two people test the same display, we can verify or dispute the results.  This will be extremely helpful in finding manufacturers that use multiple panel revisions in the same model TV / Monitor.


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