Epoch/Yeno Super Cassette Vision

The Super Cassette Vision (SCV) is a 2nd Gen. home console designed and manufactured by Epoch in Japan.
Yeno was a French company who acquired the right the sell the SCV outside the original country.
Therefore, France was the only other territory were the game system was released!
For more info on the console itself, please look the Wikipedia article.

The SCV can output RGB and comes (in France) with a SCART cable. The signal is PAL (50Hz).
To this day, there is no known mod to region mod the console.

Retro Gaming Cables (UK) is selling the RGB cable on their website in its “PACKAPUNCH” version. You coa also buy a custom cable from RetroAcess (US) here.
The pinout of the DIN connector can be found on RGC website as well:

8 Pin DIN plug (looking into back of connector)






1    +5 volts

2    GND

3    Mono Audio

4    CSYNC

5      —

6    red

7    green

8    blue

Here are some pictures of the inside of the French version:

Here are pictures of the NTSC version:


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